Cake Recipes

Let them eat cake…chocolate cake, short cake, pound cake, upside down cake. Find the perfect cake recipe here and then go to town, because everyone loves cakes.

Never make the same birthday cake twice. Just access our extensive collection of cake recipes to find something unique to that special birthday girl or birthday boy. How about an old-fashioned hummingbird cake complete with decorative pineapple slices?

Now is the perfect time to try something fancy like a Lady Baltimore Cake or a Charlotte Rousse. Guests will delight in a sweet treat from a bygone era.

Of course, when you’re in the mood for chocolate—nothing else will do. That’s why we have an almost endless collection of chocolate cake recipes. You will find everything from a towering multi-tiered, traditional chocolate devil’s food cake to a dainty French torte. Basically, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake. Check out the recipes now.

If you find yourself unable to tolerate gluten, never fear. We have a large collection of cakes that call for alternative ingredients such as almond meal, oats, or even cornmeal.

Another type of popular cake is the New York Cheese cake. Every decedent variety seems to top the next. You can find recipes for a toasted coconut cheesecake, a super-rich peanut butter cheesecake, fruit cheesecakes, and even a crème brulee cheesecake. Just grab your torch and you’ll be caramelizing the perfect cake in no time.

The hardest part about making cheesecake is waiting for it to ripen so you can eat it. Did you know that cheesecake tastes better if you let it sit for a day? Talk about temptation.

If you would like to sink your teeth into a sweet treat right away, try a cute cup cake or a little loaf cake. Simple, quick, and tasty.

To access the immense recipe database, click the green button and download the free cake recipe toolbar. It’s completely free, safe, and spam free. Happy cooking.