Soup Recipes

What’s better than a bowl of hearty soup on a crisp fall day? Soup always hits the spot, regardless of the time of year. Soup is the perfect way to get all your veggies, and protein in one bowl.

In the winter we love rich, thick, and hardy beef stews and chilies. In the spring we switch to eating lighter soups made with fresh greens and asparagus of the season. By the time summer comes, no one is in the mood for hot soup, but a flavorful gazpacho or a chilled cantaloupe soup hits the spot for sure. As fall rolls around we delight in delicacies such as butternut squash soup, and sweet potato bisque.

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You’ll be amazed by how many unique recipes you’ll find. Try crazy recipes like creamy jalapeño soup or more traditional recipes like Boston Clam Chowder or Grandma’s Italian Minestrone Soup. Some recipes are simple and can be whipped up in a snap, like a chicken and wild rice soup, while others take more effort and technique like lobster bisque.

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The best way to get a well-balanced, healthy meal is in a bowl. Think about it…Chicken Noodle Soup…Noodles (or rice) for some grain and carbs, chicken for the lean protein, and of course it’s loaded with tons of healthy veggies. Eat this savory soup with apple slices and a chunk of cheese. It’s the perfect meal, and you’ve only dirtied on pot.
Anyone can get on board when KP only means washing one pot.

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